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about me

In 2003 I moved to beautiful Colorado. My fitness journey began in 2004 teaching my first yoga and Pilates class. 

My passion grew to inspire others to begin their fitness journey.

I met many interesting people traveling to many different fitness centers! The idea of working out and getting paid for it was truly an unthinkable or unrealistic dream job. I had landed the perfect job!  I fell in love and was immediately inspirited to create and bring fitness to everyone I met. In their times of struggles, health issues, insecurities, stress, broken spirituality and endless worries about body image. I needed to rethink fitness for everyone!

In 2005 Fall in Balance became my new business and Stretch, Balance & Flow was born becoming my first fitness class. I traveled everywhere bringing fitness into homes, churches, country clubs and bringing my students into my home to meet whatever individual fitness needs they desired.  

"Everyone is different & Every body is different" that is my mantra and I believe it!

This continues to inspire me to learn to become a good student and to be a different fitness instructor. 





Tai Chi 

Body Bar




Older Adult Fitness Trainer

Qi Qong

Restorative yoga

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