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     The benefits of Qigong
The benefits from regular qigong practice are vast and have long lasting results on many levels. It is recommended to practice everyday.
*Increases the energy flow through the body and around the body into the Wei Qi (Way-Chi) the energy field outside the body. This increase of energy circulation is improved bringing more blood through the organs, bones, muscles and to the surface of the skin. Qigong also flushes the nervous system.
Provides strength to legs while holding the horses stance, balance is secured through rooting postures and mind becomes stable. Creating a foundation of standing secure. Tendons, ligaments and muscles of the feet & lower body all work together in securing your balance whether your standing on one leg or two.  The freedom it proves to heal, to strengthen, to shift weigh in balance, increasing the range of motion in hands, arms all within the truck of the body is strong and you are healthier!
When your are healthier you are the happiest!

Is offered on zoom only
at 11:10 am 
In a short, relaxed environment & learning the movements slowly.  
**Unintimidating setting. **Friendly, fun, freely.  **Asking questions is highly encouraged.
**Repeating & practice


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