***registration due on the 22nd of each month unless otherwise stated on registration/schedule form.  Thank you



*Current Schedule*

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April Schedule

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April 1st- 9th

April 10th Good Friday- No Classes

 Security Warning

Do Not Share the Zoom link I send you with any one!!! 

Thank you

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***Live ***

one on one sessions

Group sessions

Talks & check ins


Fitness Video's & Stuff

List of direction as follows

1. download Zoom 

2. When  download is completed please send me an email

         3. you will receive a link as your invitation with time/date  when a class/meeting is scheduled

    4. You may receive one or multiple links to choose from; which will be labeled 

          Stay tuned for more ways to stay connected as we continue to exercise, move &  release some stress together!

        Remember Links do expire and don't forget to check your emails & website daily.

Please be patient as I workout any unforeseen issues; as this is new to me & may be our new normal for a short time.

 I will create a menu/ schedule with times & classes etc... 

We all need some distraction during this difficult time!

I hope you join me.

You are a big part of why I am doing this 

*please make suggestions

*lets have fun and check in with everyone 

* I miss you all

* please stay healthy

* please call if you need anything

*This to shall pass


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