registration due on the 22nd of each month  

 Aug 2021 Zoom Schedule

Mon & Wed
9 am          Yoga

11:30 AM    Chair fitness 

Tue & Th
9 am          Pilates
10:15 AM    All forms Tai chi
11:30 AM    SBF 

Mon & Fri
10:15 AM   Advance  tai chi
40 & 88 forms class

9 am Pilates zooming from studio
11:30 AM    Yoga

**Please remember to Mark your calendar**

**flat fee covers all zoom classes**


 Aug  2021
Modified studio schedule
In Person classes at PAMA

***New Chair fitness****
Monday 11:30 chair fitness

Tuesday & Thursday 1:15 pm
tai chi 24 yang style

Friday 9 am Pilates

Friday 11:30 am
gentle Yoga stretch