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Registration due on the 22nd of each month
Late fee registration after 22nd add $6
Registration dateline is on the 27th registration will be close!
Drop in registration is $10 limit to 5 classes!
World travelers & in person are 
exempt from late charges.

Studio schedule 
January & February 2023 
tai chi 24 forms 
Stretch balance & flow
Beginners tai chi 40 forms & Qigong
All forms tai chi
$8 per class with registration or drop in rate $10


Zoom class schedule
Yoga* Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
Pilates* Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Tai Chi* Monday Tuesday & Friday
Specialty class SBF* Tuesday & Thursday
(stretch-balance & flow)

Please click on updates to get the latest class information

Please do not share meeting link.
Be mindful of which classes are on zoom only or in person only.
Remember if you miss a class you can pop into another class no credit given or carried over to next month!

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