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8 Solo Forms

The 8 solo forms are simple to learn.  The beauty is the simplicity of this practice. Discover the moving meditation, energy and peace.

*A beginners practice

*Discover the health benefits!

*Making new friends

*Having fun in a social setting

*Must have 8 participants to continue with this class.

24 yang style

The beginners practice 24 yang style tai chi.  This class was created for the student that wants to learn the 24 forms as a beginner or move up from the 8 Solo Forms and into the All Forms class. Or simply wants to practice the 24 forms.

*A great class for any skill level

*Becoming; skillful with the understanding of details & techniques

*Learning the art of flowing, breath & moving with energy 

                 All Forms

This class is designed for the student that have practiced and learned the 24 yang style forms.

This class will continue to add new forms to the practice to challenge our minds and bodies.

*Not a beginners class

*Most students have 2 yr plus experience with me

*Continuing class & registering monthly is highly recommended!

Tai Chi 40 & 88 forms a more advance practice. 40 forms tai chi is offer in person only.  40 & 88 practice is offered on zoom only. 

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